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Our Mission

We at Penny Lick believe that the best ice cream is the simplest. That means dairy from local cows treated ethically, sustainable whole food ingredients, and no artificial flavors or colors. And we never use nuts! We offer short ingredients lists that you can actually pronounce. We're ice cream with a clear conscience. 

The Penny Lick Name

We take the name from a style of ice cream vending in the 19th century. Before ice cream cones were invented, ice cream was sold in petite glasses. They were shaped a bit like a cone, and were heavy cut glass with a shallow depression. The glasses really only held a lick or so of ice cream, and the going rate was one penny.

We're Nuts for NO NUTS!

Inspired by our friends and family, we adopted a policy of no nuts or products with any nut contamination. Tree nuts and peanuts are two of the "big 8" allergens, and the US population of children suffering from these allergies has risen 50% in the last 12 years. At Penny Lick, anyone with a nut allergy can eat safely!

The Penny Lick Team